10:42pm November 6, 2012

This is Deeva, my 3 year old pit bull. While I was away on vacation, this unlucky pup found a way to chew through a vent. However she didn’t find a way to climb in…. and two attempts left large gashes in her right front leg.

We dont have vet money but mom and I both work in the medical field and had connections. She’s being placed on light duty with bandage changing once to twice a day with saline and a topical antiseptic. The wound is kept bandaged to keep stuff out and for extra safety.. we went to PetCo and got her an Elizabethan Cone… also known as the cone of shame.

She does not like the cone of shame.

This is her 4th day after the incident and she’s healing nicely. She’s still eager to jump and play and only whines when we’re cleaning her wound.. but we make it up to her with treats. Tonight’s treat was a peanut butter cookie!

Did I mention she does not like the cone of shame?

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